Buy Original Sensible Seeds Banana Sherbet FEM
Buy Original Sensible Seeds Banana Sherbet FEM

Banana Sherbet Strain Specifications

(Sunset Sherbet x Banana), Kosher Kush


Out: 700 - Per Plant
In: 600 - M2

70% Indica
30% Sativa

60 - days (Flowering)

Banana Sherbet

(Sunset Sherbet x Banana) x Kosher Kush

  • 1 Seed $9.62
  • 3 Seeds + 1 Free $25.62
  • 5 Seeds + 2 Free $38.45
  • 10 Seeds + 4 Free $72.66
  • 25 Seeds + 10 Free $180.33
  • 50 Seeds + 20 Free $336.22
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Banana Sherbet Cannabis Seeds

Banana Sherbet feminised cannabis seeds are born from USA genetics using superior selections to create an exciting new hybrid. By crossing Sunset Sherbet with Banana (Ghost OG) and then introducing Kosher Kush has resulted in a well balanced Indica / Sativa hybrid with an active, cerebral yet relaxing effect. Banana Sherbet has a flowering time of 60 days and grows to a medium / tall height depending on certain variables like pot size and whether they're grown in indoor or outdoor orientations.

Banana Sherbet can yield 600g per m2 when grown indoors whilst harvests of over 700g per plant can be achieved effortlessly under the right conditions outdoors. The sweet, citric sherbet flavors will excite your tastebuds whilst the flavour of ripe bananas is clearly notable in most phenos. These distinct flavors are aquired from a broad terpenes contour: the citrusy limonene terpene being the most predominant combined with the herbal tones of myrcene and the peppery earthy caryophyllene.  Outdoor harvest is towards the end of September / beginning of October depending on maturity. Banana Sherbet is a high THC strain with THC levels reaching 28%, which rivals the most potent of the most potent strains. You have been warned!

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