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Medical cannabis seeds FAQs

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  • arrow What are medical cannabis seeds?
  • Medical cannabis seeds are a great choice for those looking for a more natural way of healing or homoeopathic treatments. The cannabis plant has been on the earth since time began and medicinal marijuana has been used for centuries to help cure a wide range of ailments but more recently there has been hype around the cannabinoid CBD a natural compound found in the cannabis plant that research suggests to have huge therapeutic and healing properties without the psychoactive effect. Research also suggests that CBD together with other cannabinoids in particular THC are of equal importance assisting with pain relief, muscle spasms, Ptsd, anxiety and much more.

  • arrow How to choose the best medical marijuana strains?
  • Our best medical cannabis seeds can be found in this section at Original Sensible Seeds. Ranging from our highest THC and CBD strains to 1:1 and 2:1 etc. ratios. These medi strains (one to one, two to one for example) contain both cannabinoids in equal or less amounts of THC and higher amounts of CBD making them more appropriate for those who want to grow their own medicinal marijuana without getting high or stoned.

  • arrow Are medical seeds easy to grow?
  • Medical cannabis strains grow in exactly the same way as any other cannabis strain and during its growth cycle should be treated no different. If you are new to growing marijuana you may want to start off with a strain from our autoflowering selection. They are not dependant on specific light schedules as they flower automatically with a general growth pattern of around 70 - 80 days seed to harvest and ideal outdoor if you are restricted to a small confined space.

  • arrow Which medical cannabis strains do you recommend?
  • Depending on the condition that you want to treat depends on the strain. Cannabis strains containing higher THC levels may be more beneficial to help with pain relief, spasms, stress and anxiety. Pure Kush is a potent indica strain with copious amounts of THC which also act as a sedative and help aid insomnia. Cannaboom CBD+ contains high levels of CBD and is almost zero THC which in some countries due to their low THC content are legal to grow. Cannaboom CBD+ strain also contains a small percentage of CBG which research states shows potential medical benefits.

  • arrow Which is the best autoflowering medi strain?
  • Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a great strain to self medicate and relieve stress and depression. Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene which is reported to have anti-inflammatory benefits the GSC strain with her tacky buds will also make an excellent tincture for topical use. Dos Si Dos Auto is dominant with the Limonene terpene believed to relieve stress and anxiety and being mainly indica the effect is a deep physical relaxation to help soothe away pain and muscle tension.

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Best Seller - Pure Kush
Pure Kush
Best Seller - Pure Kush


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