Buy Original Sensible Seeds Do-Si-Dos Auto FEM
Buy Original Sensible Seeds Do-Si-Dos Auto FEM

Do-Si-Dos Auto Strain Specifications

Do-Si-Dos OG, Girl Scout Cookies Auto


65 - 75 days

Out: 150 - Per Plant
In: 600 - M2

Do-Si-Dos Auto

Do-Si-Dos OG x Girl Scout Cookies Auto

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Do-Si-Dos Auto Cannabis Seeds

Another cookies creation takes Do-Si-Dos OG from Original Sensible Seeds and adds Girl Scout Cookies in to the mix for the autoflowering sensation: Do-Si-Dos Auto. The best of American genetics presented in an Indica dominant, feminized auto that finish in under 75 days from seed to harvest.

The grow time of Do-Si-Dos Auto is only 65 to 75 days from seed to harvest. These fast finishing autoflowering seeds reach a medium height of between 80cm and 100cm with indoor yields of 650g per m2 and 150g per plant when grown outdoors. The effect is a well balanced euphoric stimulant with a deep relaxed physical sensation.

Do-Si-Dos Auto has a sweet aroma with a classic earthy Kush flavour with floral and citric hints. Potent, fast finishing feminized autoflowering seeds from Original Sensible - top quality with heaps of bag appeal.

Our seeds are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs. Read more

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