Buy Original Sensible Seeds Wedding Cake Auto FEM
Buy Original Sensible Seeds Wedding Cake Auto FEM

Wedding Cake Auto Strain Specifications

Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies Auto


65 - 70 days

Out: 150 - Per Plant
In: 600 - M2


Dom. Terpene:Limonene

Wedding Cake Auto Strain

Wedding Cake x Girl Scout Cookies Auto

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  • 25 Seeds + 10 Free $170.31
  • 50 Seeds + 20 Free $315.74
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Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds

Type: Feminized Strain

Wedding Cake weed is another West Coast strain from California that has it's parentage in Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie and is sometimes referred to as Birthday Cake or Pink Panties.

Wedding Cake Auto strain gives growers the opportunity to experience these American strains without the need for special lighting and the ability to achieve 2 or more harvests a year as Wedding Cake Autoflower will be ready to harvest in around 70 days from seed with a yield of 150g per plant when grown outdoors and 600g/m2 when grown indoors.

The effect from Wedding Cake Auto weed is potent and relaxing as you would expect from heavy Indica seeds but well balanced between physical and cerebral. The flavour is sweet, woody, vanilla, pineapple and hints of lemon deriving from the dominat terpene limonene combined with caryophyllene and myrcene.

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Is Wedding Cake Auto strain Indica or Sativa?

Original Sensible Seeds Wedding Cake Auto strain is Mostly Indica

Is Wedding Cake Auto strain feminized?
Wedding Cake Auto Strain from Original Sensible Seeds is a Feminized - Auto Flowering strain

How should I store my Wedding Cake Auto strain cannabis seeds?
To correctly store Wedding Cake Auto strain seeds from Original Sensible Seeds it is advised that the seeds be kept in a cool, dry and dark airtight container with adequate labeling of both strain name and storage date for ease of identifying and genetic preservation of the seeds.

If it is legal to germinate Wedding Cake Auto Strain from Original Sensible Seeds in my location, what is the best technique?
There are many methods to germinate Wedding Cake Auto Strain seeds if the laws in your country permit cannabis seed germination.
The paper towel method is a common technique for germinating Wedding Cake Auto strain seeds. Another popular and preferred method is planting the seeds directly into moist substrate. For either of these germination methods to be successful it is important that the seeds remain moist and warm but do not dry out. When using the paper towel method, once the Wedding Cake Auto strain seeds have germinated, gently bury them in the growth medium.

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